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Our dream of creating a fun, lively and, most importantly uniquely authentic restaurant outside of America started a decade ago in China.  We met in 2005 in a small Chinese village of one million teaching English. We fell in love and knew a life abroad was for us.  Despite growing up just an hours apart in Chicago and Milwaukee, it took Huzhou, a small city in Zhejiang Province to bring us together. While teaching we had ample time to travel both within China and the rest of Asia.  Although we absolutely love Asian food and prefer it to what we grew up eating, we did miss some aspects of American food, and in particular, real smokey BBQ. BBQ to us is a dining experience with soul and history.  The music, the drinks, the service all making (or breaking) the experience.  Years ago we came across a hugely popular and wildly fun tiny roadside BBQ joint in Ubud, Bali called Naughty Nuri’s.  We sat family style at a large picnic bench talking with other tourists from Singapore who were also really enjoying not just the food, but the entire vibe.  It was then and there when it dawned on us what we wanted to do for our foreseeable future. 


And on Friday, February 13, 2015 we opened the Smokin’ Pug BBQ.  The ‘Pug’ name came as a suggestion from friends of ours who loved our quirky pug Su.  Smokin’ (as in slow-smoked meats) ‘Pug', ‘pub' all a cute play on words.  


As a husband and wife team,  we've found that humour and patience has gotten us through all the cultural barriers two farang who don’t speak Thai and without a Thai business partner could throw at us.  We love what we do and feel we offer Bangkok not just another restaurant, but a casual, unpretentious dining experience.  Drinks are poured heavy and food is served in big, loving portions.  We are incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to meet fantastic people from all over the world and introduce them to slow-smoked, Texas-style BBQ and good American music!


Dana and Danny

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