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105 Langsuan Road

Lumpini Park


Tel: 66-83-029-7598

Next to the Luxx XL Hotel Langsuan





We kindly prefer e-mail reservations (Click on our Reservations link.)  Please allow 24 hours for confirmation.  If there is no confirmation, the booking is not made.

We also accept phone reservations between 11:00am and 4:00pm.  In order for us to successfully attend to our customers, we cannot get every call after 4:00pm.  We will try to get most though!




We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard & JCB (Japanese Bank).




We do offer take-out.  Please just call us the day of order for smaller orders or message us 24 hours in advance for larger orders.  At times when the kitchen is very busy, we will not do take-outs for the reason of not wanting to send out rushed food or compromise the guests dining in the restaurant.



Special Events


We are happy to work with you for all sizes of events: from a full buy-out to a small prix-fixe dinner for you and your friends. For more info, email us.


We are happy to host private parties from 30 to 50 people, but must be booked 2 weeks to a month in advance.  We also do smaller parties of 10 to 12 people price fix.  Please email us with any questions.  




Nothing pretentious, frilly or white.  We are a very laid back place! Suit jackets will be asked to be removed for proper arm mobility for rib eating! We are kidding, but people do ask us if we have a dress code!




We welcome families with young kids.  We have high chairs, child friendly food (just talk to us at the time) and maybe one day sippy cups! Kids are welcome at any time, but we do get busy after 7:30pm nightly.  For a more enjoyable time for all, and especially if your child is anything likes ours, we appreciate families coming in earlier.  We open at 5pm.  


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